Writer angry over salary

Reader Input
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As I was watching the news a couple days ago, I saw and heard that a school superintendent got hired and was to get over half-a-million dollars, plus perks, a year. About 10 minutes later, a small pick-up pulled up and a teenage boy came to the door. He told me was trying to raise money to pay for his school football team’s sports equipment. My blood pressure shot sky-high. I tried to be calm, as I asked him if he had been to his school superintendent’s door yet? The poor kid didn’t know what to say. I gave him $20 as I was holding my temper. As he thanked me I said if I was making $500,000 a year, I would finance 100 percent of his team’s expenses. When are the taxpayers going to realize the state is broke? I say fire the school board. I also say the school’s superintendents are thieves. They are stealing from us and the school kids. We must get rid of public schools. We also must get the teachers out of their union contracts. KNIGHT WAGNER, Colfax