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Writer has false claims about veterans group

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Like a pesky mosquito, Tom Cavallero has returned to the letters section (Jan. 5) again trying to claim that Veterans for Peace is a communist organization. I suspect he is the only person in this area who continues to believe such tripe, but in case there are others with more open minds let me make two points clear. First, Veterans for Peace has two categories of members. Full members are limited to veterans and they are the only ones who can vote or make policy. Associate members can be any one who supports the aims of the group. (We do not “promote them as veterans.”) Two-tier membership is common for many kinds of organizations. Why does Tom have such a hard time understanding this? Second, in my many years in the organization I have yet to meet a single communist or one who espouses their beliefs (unless Tom considers anyone who voted for Obama to be a communist.) You can search their national newsletter at length — it is available to all — and you will find nothing of Marx or Lenin, no editorials praising Cuba or North Korea, no plots to organize workers for a general strike or to take over the government. Apparently Cavallero, in his relentless search for a communist under every bed, has gone on the Internet and found a nebulous connection between some past members or activities of VFP and an organization called World Can’t Wait. This is his proof that we are all communists or supporters. So Tom, the reason no one has answered your original question is because it suffers from the fallacy of unwarranted assumption. Sadly, you are lowering, not raising, the level of public discourse in our community. Larry W. Smith Auburn