Writers should correct selves

Reader Input
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I certainly agree with Carrie Moley’s (Reader Input) comment of Jan. 11 that there has been a “distressing (and seemingly escalating) trend toward incivility in the tone of the letters to the editor printed by the Auburn Journal.” But what to do about it? It is not the job of a newspaper to censor public opinion, no matter how uncivil the discourse, or how contentious the issue involved. Freedom of expression should always be the keynote. Of course the use of crude and vulgar language should be edited at the newspaper’s discretion, as has always been the case. Rather, the responsibility lies with the letter-writer to express his or her opinion in an intelligent and constructive manner. How best to express oneself on any given issue needs to be the prime concern. Obviously name-calling and the use of crude and vulgar language are entirely inappropriate, no matter how controversial the issue or how strongly one feels about it and contributes nothing to rational discourse. Marc DAVIS, Colfax