Yahoo to Hilda’s Bakery return

Reader Input
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Yahoo! Great news! The recent article, re: Hilda’s Bakery reopening, is wonderful news. (“Hilda’s Bakery to spring back with bread, pastries, coffee and wi-fi,” Journal, March 25). We have missed their breads (you must try French toast made with poppy seed bread), lemon Napoleons, bee hives pastry, cakes, Danish, brownies, etc. What great news for Auburn. Former owners, Joe and Catherine Kleinbach, have been sorely missed from Hilda’s Bakery. We will probably be the first people in line when it reopens. Thanks so much for the happy news. I realize bread will be the first item offered – but believe me we have enough time to wait for everything else. Yahoo! As a chamber ambassador I met Eric Nordby when he opened the World Pub – then again when he opened the Little Belgium Deli. At that time he told us how he was interested in reopening small businesses in Auburn to help the community and keep small businesses open. What an amazing young man he is and what a great contribution he is giving to our community. Keep it up. Jeannette Klebofski, Auburn