Reader Input

Yes on 37 to label our food

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Thank you, thank you! I was working on a response to “Reader Input” of Oct. 21 by Jim Cranney, “Vote no on GE food labeling.”
Your printing of the League of Women Voters’ compilation of where the money comes from says it all for me (Journal, Oct. 26). Voting “no” on Prop. 37 is a vote for DuPont, Monsanto, Coca-Cola, Pepsico, General Mills, Dow Agro Sciences, etc.
It is quite obvious why these big-money companies don’t want us to know what’s in our food. These are the same companies that told us that “Agent Orange” and many pesticides were safe.
There has never been adequate testing on Genetically Modified Foods (GMOs) outside of the studies funded and controlled by these same companies. The scare tactic that food prices will rise is not based in reality. Once the labeling is established in California, it will necessitate labeling in other states.
These same companies are required to label GMOs in seven foreign countries where they sell their “frankenfood” products.
In many European Countries, GMO products are banned. In the U.S.A., big money tries to control our food and government oversight.
Join me and others who believe we don’t have to accept the tyranny of these deep-pocket companies who are trying to scare us away from our God-given right to know what’s in our food. Vote yes on Prop. 37.
Lynne Sutter, Eden Valley