You call that journalism?

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I read with interest the article by Gus Thomson about the discounts being offered for the weekday ride on the Capitol Corridor train to Emeryville (Journal, July 5). My interest turned into frustration when I read that a one-way ticket was $29, leaving me to ponder “how do I get home”? My wife and I are retired and this would be a great day trip, and something to look into. The article should have listed the round-trip fare to Emeryville as well as San Jose, departure time as well as return time, and last but not least, a contact number for Luna Salaver, the Capitol Corridor information officer. But getting only half the information is pretty typical of the Auburn Journal. I moved to Auburn in 1962 and the Journal was known as a rag (newspaper term) then. Is it now? My father worked for the Associated Press for 25 years, and would turn over in his grave if he could see what passes for journalism today. Bob Ward, Auburn