You can’t judge good deeds based on personal bias

Your Views
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According to Donna McCloskey (Your Views, April 16), when are good works not really good works? When they are done by a liberal, of course! It is a fact that Edward Kennedy has served diligently and responsibly in the U.S. Senate for over three decades. He is known for his support of legislation that helps the poor and disadvantaged among us. What has Donna ever done to assist them? And unlike our local Congressman John Doolittle – a hero of Donna’s, no doubt – he never was cited for illegal campaign activities, never took money from a convicted felon and did not divert 15 percent of his campaign contributions to his wife as a “consultant.” Yet Donna dismisses this entirely. “What a crock,” she eloquently states, simply because “He is one of our more left-leaning, liberal fools in the Senate.” Ergo, all the work that one does and the contributions one makes over a lifetime – and their intelligence as well – is to be evaluated through the prism of Ms. McCloskey’s personal prejudices to determine whether it is worthwhile or simply “a crock.” She states she can never forget what he did. A little perspective, if you please. Edward Kennedy is responsible for the death of one person 40 years ago. George W. Bush is responsible for the deaths of over 4,000 Americans and many tens of thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians who are still dying today. Do the math, Donna – do the math. Chas Dawson Auburn