You can’t shrink to prosperity

Reader Input
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Let’s see. General Motors has weighed in with record profits. People signing up for unemployment have dropped precipitously with the primary Republican candidates making statements like they are severely conservative, which will probably be followed up by statements that one or the other is now super severely conservative. Talk about pandering for votes! Mitt Romney made a statement in his home territory that he still disagrees with the bailout that the Bush Administration initiated and the Obama Administration continued. Sounds like Mr. Romney is a card-carrying member of the Flat Earth Society and probably also believes that we didn’t land on the moon. Certainly the deficit needs to be aggressively addressed (by increased tax revenue generated by an accelerating economy). No way can you shrink to prosperity. Every economist worth their salt states that only the federal government has the resources to bring us out of a recession of this magnitude. Private equity firms have neither the funds nor the inclination to do so. Of course, as the economy accelerates, private enterprise should pick up the mantra with corporate tax incentives being the engine. Any other final solution is purely political in nature and, as we used to say, “bovine excrement.” Geary C. Tiffany, Auburn