Young man made profound impact

Reader Input
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You can’t pick up a paper or magazine nowadays without reading about the moral and ethical decline of our youth. Many of us baby boomers lament about this younger generation and what kind of world we will have when they are in charge. Friday night, while manning an information booth for the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life at the monthly Cruise Nite, a young man of maybe 18 walked up to our booth and said he wanted to make a donation in honor of his grandmother who is battling cancer. We suggested a luminaria bag that would be set up at the relay with her name on it. We told him it was $10 for each bag. Without hesitation, he pulled out $200. He didn’t want his name used but I couldn’t let it go. To the young man whose grandmother lives in Colfax, I salute you for your compassion, love and character. Baby boomers, I think we’ll be OK. Peggy Christensen, Newcastle