Young people: Be sure to vote

Reader Input
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Most of my life I wanted to believe that our president, along with congress, should protect our borders, and lead us out of natural disasters, man-created disasters and wars. But, for the first time in all my many years I don’t see or have the confidence that our current president has the substance and the true leadership to lead us, as a nation, out of any situation that may befall us. Currently our president is spending more time campaigning for re-election, which I hope he fails to gain, than tending to the serious business of performing his presidential duties. By now it should be clear to most Americans that we are failing as a nation to pull together and to become the great country we once were. Unfortunately, we have a large majority of our senators and congress persons who resort to politics and not set the example as a statesperson who would do what is best for the country, regardless of the consequences, as a whole and not to be so concerned about their re-election. My plea is to the young people of this nation, who are the future, to pay close attention to the current events affecting this country and to become active in changing the direction we are heading as a nation back to being the respected leader of the free world. So get out and vote in 2012 to remove the greatest obstacle to our country’s path to prosperity. Then, and only then, will I believe once again. Joe Nicosia, Auburn