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If you have photos from events that you attended in the area that you wish to share with us, please send them our way, we always accept submissions. However, we cannot guarantee we will publish them all. When sending us photos, please make sure to identify all the people who are in the picture, what they're doing and what event they're at.  You can submit these photos through the news tip form online.

When submitting a calendar event or press release for publication, please send in your information at least two weeks in advance. Any material received on short notice is less likely to be published, and specific publication dates are not guaranteed. You can email them to

mail them to P.O. Box 5910, Auburn Journal, Auburn, CA 95604; drop them off at 1030 High Street, or fax them to (530) 887-1231.

At this time we do not sell any of our photos.  Copies of the newspaper can be purchased at any of our offices.

All of our front page, section front and inside stories from staff is put up online. Small briefs, FYIs and the calendars that are used in print are not posted online

When you register for an account on our websites you are given access to post community events to our event calendar.  No other tasks on the website require an account at this time.  Commenting is done through Facebook Comments and requires a Facebook account to post your own comments.

In an effort to provide more accountability among commenters and to keep the focus of the discussion on the stories on our websites, we've gone to the system that shows peoples first and last names. With Facebook having more than 900 million users worldwide, we viewed this system of commenting as the most logical choice as many people are now Facebook users.

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Our offices keep back editions for one year, after that the public library is the best place to get these old editions.  For our office locations, view our contact page and select a newspaper.