Publisher Perspective

Puzzling times and a bright future

By: Tom Kirk
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2018 is going by in the blink of an eye. Here at the Auburn Journal, we are continuing to make the necessary changes to keep your community newspaper alive and well for many years to come. I thought I would take a moment to reflect on where we’ve been, where we are, and most important, where we are going.

The major change we made at the end of 2017 was our publication frequency. Our current Thursday-Sunday Auburn Journal distribution, while a major change, has proven to be one that has worked. We strive to cover the most local news possible, covering the greater Auburn, Colfax and Newcastle communities. We’ve got strong contributing writers, and work to have balance in news, sports, and relevant information and advertising from all these areas.

Today, one major economic impact we’ve incurred is the rising cost of newsprint. The threat of tariffs has caused a significant increase in the price of the paper we print on. In recent months, we’ve had to be very strategic with our page planning. While not the strategy for the long term, we have had to eliminate some features of our Auburn Journal in recent weeks. Sudoku and crosswords were one area that were impacted.

We are working diligently on a solution to bring our puzzles back better than ever. For those of you who have called, and those I have spoke to directly, thank you for the feedback.

Looking ahead, the Auburn Journal is in a strong position to be your community newspaper for many years to come. In the coming months Gold Country Media will be adding additional special sections and launching targeted products to the entire marketplace. Our staff is amazing, working harder than ever. We strive to make every issue of the Auburn Journal as complete, balanced, and relevant as possible.

Our doors are open, and we welcome your comments and suggestions, good or bad. As publisher, I thank all of you for your continued loyalty.