Media Life: Pop Quiz: Know Your Auburn Weathervanes

By: Gus Thomson, Reporter/Columnist
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Time for something completely different.

Media Life shape-shifts this week into a quiz to test reader Auburncentricity.

And the topic of the test is “weathervanes.”


Look at the photos accompanying this column. We have six from around Auburn. Your challenge is to identify where each of them is located. Some are high-profile. Others? Not so much. Try not to look at the answer below until you've looked at all the photos:



1.The First Baptist Church, 139 East Placer St. 2.The walker is atop the 113-year-old Big Yellow House, 1373 Lincoln Way 3.The eagle has landed at the Gold Rush Museum, 601 Lincoln Way 4.You’ll find the witch and cat at the Auburn Police Department, 1215 Lincoln Way 5.The Placer County Courthouse is topped by a vane that may have been manufactured at the time it was opened in 1898. 6. A tough one. The eagle flies over the Red Lion Inn, 1875 Auburn Ravine Road.


Get all six right? You’re a weather watcher magnifique. Three to five correct answers? You earn the Mark Finan stamp of approval. Zero to two answers right? Either you’re a newbie to the community or need to look up more.  

Media Life’s Gus Thomson can be reached at or 530-852-0232.