‘Tent city’ could solve local homeless needs

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How can we give inexpensive, safe food, shelter and clothing to those in need? Or the homeless? One way would be to organize a tent city. Several criteria must be met in order to achieve this goal. You must have: 1) Adequate security personnel, 2) Adequate Porta Potties or better facilities, 3) Safe and effective tents, sleeping bags, lighting etc., 4) A profit free cafeteria, 5) Bus transportation to town, 6) Pay showers, 7) Safe supply of water, 8) Laundry room. The money to be saved mainly would be in the reduction in shelter expense. Thrift shop purchases would favor the needy in question, as cost-free food would also serve as a buffer against homelessness. In this area, around Folsom Lake would probably be the best location for a tent city. This is because the land adjacent to the lake is flat and because it doesn't snow at that elevation. A beginning would be to expand our national and state campgrounds. Then ... Carlos Eduardo Patterson Auburn