‘What kind of Americans are you?’

Reader Input
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In reference to both Steve Cavolt’s and John Nightingale’s letters in the Journal on Jan. 6: What world are you living in? To address Mr. Cavolt: President Obama walked into a large fan (you know what hits the fan, yes?) as the result of 30 years of deregulation. Now, that deregulation would have been fine if banks, brokers and corporations had been operating under an ethical and moral code. They weren’t. Worshiping the almighty buck got us into this mess and continuing protection of the worshippers is sinking our economy. Most of our population has seen huge declines in home values and investments and, somehow, this is our fault. Those who bought property on the premise that it was affordable (it wasn’t) and then had that bill of goods compounded by loss of jobs or income are somehow to blame. Mr. Cavolt, it would appear that you serve the same ugly god. Mr. Cavolt, how about putting the responsibility where it belongs? We need regulations, we need oversight unless we want to continue to be victims of greed. And, please, tell me why we shouldn’t reinstate tax levels that are just? The Fannie/Freddie “taxes” you rail against are nothing compared to the loss in revenues that occurred to accommodate the wealthiest earners, most of whom didn’t “earn” that wealth, but inherited it. And, Mr. Nightingale: You rail against President Obama. Maybe you can indict Grover Norquist instead? This lobbyist has managed to be an unelected congressman and foil any measure that will increase revenues. Did you you vote for Mr. Norquist? Can you, in good conscience, support legislators who have made overt vows to defeat any measure that the duly elected president of the United States put forth? Do you have any idea the number of appointments blocked by Congress simply because they were put forth by President Obama? I ask Mr. Cavolt and Mr. Nightingale: What kind of Americans are you? Patricia Burke, Newcastle