Placer County's 'Black Hole' waterfall roars to life after storm - Video report

Western States Trail damaged from deluge of water
By: Journal Staff
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Placer County's 'Black Hole of Calcutta' waterfall west of the American River confluence near Auburn has roared back to life as a result of this past week's deluge.

State Parks officials are saying that streams have cropped up on many trails so visitors to the Auburn State Recreation Area should be careful walking, running, or, in particular, mountain biking because of changing trail conditions.

Among the trails seeing damage was a section near the Mountain Quarries Railroad Bridge leading to the Black Hole that is part of the Western States Trail, used by both the annual Western States 100 endurance run and Tevis Cup 100 mile horse ride.

See the accompanying video and read today's Auburn Journal for more on the state of trails and infrastructure in the recreation area and other parts of Placer County.

- Gus Thomson