12-year-old returns after being missing for 16 days

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A 12-year-old girl who went missing Dec. 2 has returned. Haley Yvonne Almond’s foster mother reported her missing, and police believed she was with her biological mother, Destinee Trujillo, and stepfather, Wayne Armbruster. Haley was an E.V. Cain student at the time of her disappearance. Trujillo and Armbruster did not return Haley, according to Detective Scott Alford. “She came back on her own,” Alford said. “She went back to her foster mom’s house. At that time she was turned over to (Placer County) Family and Children’s Services. Her exact whereabouts (now), I don’t know.” Alford declined to release Haley’s statements of where she was. “She said she was fine and nothing bad happened to her,” he said. Alford confirmed that Haley “was unharmed and in good health.” Armbruster is on Placer County’s Most Wanted list and is a parolee at large wanted for active warrants of possession of a controlled substance. Trujillo is a parolee at large wanted for violating her parole, according to Officer Dave Neher. Placer County Sheriff’s deputies are still searching for Armbruster and Trujillo, Alford said. “They are still wanted,” he said. Alford said Haley didn’t explain her reappearance. “There wasn’t really much justification,” Alford said. “Probably like most kids, she got cold and tired. It’s all speculative. She didn’t want to provide a whole lot of information.” ~Bridget Jones