In Auburn, small business looms large

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In so many ways, Auburn’s independently owned businesses — small and not so small — are making a giant difference.

The list of small businesses owned by local people employing local people isn’t just limited to the shop you go to buy the shoes that keep your feet happy in or the restaurant you think serves the best pizzas in the state.

Think too about your local dentist or the attorney who’s close by when you need trusted advice or guidance on legal matters. At tax time, it’s your accountant or tax preparer.

The list of small business enterprises is a long one.

Auburn is full of businesses and professions who serve the local area well.

During the holidays, you’ll get to know store owners who have taken a risk on the local economy to fulfill their own dream of independence and entrepreneurship. It’s no secret that they depend on an extra Christmas sales boost and have well-stocked stores in anticipation of strong local support now that times are perhaps some of the best they’ve been in the last decade or so. The bonus is the personal touch, solid service and friendliness those local businesses offer the customer — whether they’re passing through on their way from the Bay Area to the Sierra ski resorts or are multi-generation Placerites shopping for gifts under the Christmas tree.

As they are throughout the year, local stores are worth a “first look.”

And the professionals and service providers — think of local painters, plumbers, yard maintenance pros, barbers, stylists and hairdressers — should also be given an opportunity to step up and show what they can do for you in the new year.

Keeping it local circulates more of the prosperity Auburn is currently experiencing back into the community, employing your neighbors and providing a solid footing for the community we are all part of to thrive.