2-year-old drowns in Granite Bay pool

Death appears to be accidental
By: Lien Hoang
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A 2-year-old drowned to death Wednesday morning in a neighbor’s Granite Bay pool, Placer County Sheriffs said. Isabelle Rose Goforth, known as “Izzy,” had gone missing the same morning. Her family and neighbors were searching for the toddler before discovering her unconscious in a pool in Fallsbrook Court at 10:05 a.m. One neighbor administered CPR until paramedics arrived to take Isabelle to Sutter Roseville Medical Center, where she was pronounced dead at 10:48 a.m. Sheriffs believe the death was accidental. The South Placer Fire Department was headed to the neighborhood to help with the search, according to deputy chief Lawrence Bettencourt. But then the request changed to a call for help with a drowned baby. “That’s always tough to deal with,” he said. “We obviously have families of our own, too.” According to a neighbor, the child’s mother, Katie, had been living temporarily with her mother, Mary Lou, and that her father is serving in the military. “I lost a 5-year-old daughter in a fire in 1974, so anything tragic that happens with a child just brings back awful memories,” said the neighbor, Margaret Ross, breaking into tears. She said she would provide food and prayers for the family, and that a county sheriffs chaplain had come by the cul-de-sac to offer support. “It’s such an awful thing to happen in such a loving neighborhood,” Ross said. Lien Hoang can be reached at