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Stay motivated

Sticking to attainable goals
By: Paige Smith
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With a month into 2018, New Year’s resolutions may have taken a hit and with Valentine’s Day around the corner, it may take another hit. How do you stay motivated to stay on the healthy lifestyle and only slightly get off track here and there? We sat down with Fredy Oviedo, general manager at CACFit to get some tips on how to stay healthy throughout the year.

The first tip he suggests is to make attainable goals, to stick with them and see them through.

“It is a progression, it won’t just happen overnight,” Oviedo explained. “I would encourage people to find a goal that is right for them and not over do it.”

By breaking down goals into realistic steps, it will be easier to see progress and motivation continue long term. Oviedo’s important take away is to make sure to put the routine to work. Need extra initiative? Join a gym and get a personal trainer.

“Personal training is all about you: Your needs, your goals, and you get that attention to make sure you are doing everything properly and to keep you going,” Oviedo said.

He explained at CACFit, they make sure as soon as someone walks through the door, they help keep them motivated and moving. With the bright colors and music, it is easy to see why people come here to get motivated.

“Anytime you come in, you are greeted by a staff member, we try to get people pumped up,” Oviedo said. “We try to keep track of their progress, we are very vocal.”

Have people been successful? Most definitely. But they had to work hard and make it part of their lifestyle. Those who create attainable goals and reach them step by step, will be more likely to stay motivated than if it was to tackled it all at once, he said.

The final bit of advice: For those who feel like they are losing motivation, get out and work out with friends or find a workout partner. According to Oviedo, studies show those who are in an environment like this or are working out with a partner together, they are going to burn twice as many calories.

“If you really want something like this, you need to make it a part of your life or else it is not going to work,” Oviedo said.