Stolen shopping-cart roundup in Auburn

By: Gus Thomson, Reporter/Columnist
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Auburn Police photo.

Auburn Police are reporting about $3,200 worth of shopping carts were rounded up and returned to stores this week.

The department’s Community Action Team spent part of Monday gathering carts from several locations, returning them to CVS, Rite-Aid, Staples and Grocery Outlet.

Most of the stolen carts were found in an area around those four stores, with three carts located in the 500-block of Auburn Ravine Road, one near the Fox statues on Auburn Ravine Road and another near the Union Pacific railroad tracks on Nevada Street.

Two more shopping carts were discovered on Union Pacific right-of-way off Auburn Folsom Road at a homeless camp near Auburn Recreation Park, police reported.

The Food Marketing Institute estimates that 2 million shopping carts go missing annually in the U.S. Carts regularly average from $75 to  $150 to replace, with some rising in price to $400.

Police reported that plans are to work with Union Pacific to remove a homeless camp near Recreation Park where carts were found.

The sweep Monday also included visits to the Auburn Library grounds, offices near the Library Garden Amphitheater, Auburn Ravine Trail, Downtown and Old Town Auburn and Overlook Park. No citations were issued or arrests made as part of the visits, police said.

Six days earlier, 19 locations were visited within the city by the Action Team and four people received referrals to Placer County Health and Human Services for assistance.

Police are asking that community members call 530-823-4234 24 hours a day to report camps or suspicious activity.