In 2012, Palin for president

Reader Input
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The further adventures of the rogue warrior: What the future may hold. One can only hope that Sarah Palin will be the Republican presidential candidate in 2012. With her 20 percent base of hard-core fundamentalists, few GOP candidates will be electable. Palin as president will delegate Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck to head up the Ministry of Propaganda. Fox News will become the national media outlet. There will be prayer in every school and women’s freedom of choice will go down the toilet. Bill O’Reilly as press secretary will still be saying abortion doctor George Tiller was a “baby killer” and then deny saying it. President Palin will rely on the politics of fear and scaremongering as prime directives. Tea party compatriots and their anti-tax trickle-down economics will play an integral part in her administration. Science says earth is billions of years old. A recent discovery dated a dinosaur as being 65 million years old. Sarah Palin and her fundamentalist base posit that earth is 8,000 years old. What do you believe and will you vote for Palin? Tongue in cheek? Ron Lowe, Nevada City