World Cultural Fair at Foresthill Divide School

From Foresthill to far away lands
By: Staff report
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Under the direction of Foresthill Divide School (FDS) teachers Alli Peres and Nicole Harp, FDS sixth-graders hosted the annual World Cultural Fair in their school gym on May 16. Students prepared for three months and showcased 46 different countries (one per student) with presentations including samples of food, music, costumes, 3D models, artifacts from friends or family who had visited the country, and posters displaying various country-specific facts.

Peres said her favorite part of this year’s fair was seeing the anticipation on visitors’ faces as they waited to enter.

“You could smell the aromas of the food before even walking through the door,” Peres said. “Kindergarten students said their stomachs were growling as they waited outside the gym.”

Both teachers went on to share their enthusiasm about the World Culture Fair describing how “all five senses come alive with sights, smells, sounds, tastes, and textures form all over the world. At one booth you hear music from the native people of Nigeria while just a few feet away

you are tasting Korean kim chi or hearing a student greet you in Arabic.”

This year venturing through the spacious gym introduced visitors to a vast array of artifacts and 3D models representing significant locations in each country. Guests were able to view the sixth-graders’ models of everything from a replica of the Burj Khalifa to Samoan tattoo sticks.

Many students selected their particular country either because of their heritage, they have family who lives there, or they themselves had visited the nation on a family vacation. One student chose Morocco because his grandfather spent time there while in the Navy.

This year’s World Cultural Fair was well attended by parents, community members, an FUSD board member, and classroom visits by students from grades transitional kindergarten to eighth who came to enjoy the lively showcase of student work. Parts of their display were also available for viewing at the annual FDS Open House May 17.