Auburn business provides free bicycle repair after crash

By: Aurora Sain, Reporter
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After a young man was hit by a car last Wednesday morning, an Auburn business stepped in to make sure he was still able to get to work.

The bicyclist, who was identified only as “America,” was taken to the hospital and the Roseville Fire Department held onto his bike until he could come and pick it up.

After talking to America, the fire department quickly learned that the bike was his only means of transportation between his two jobs, and because of the accident the bike was unrideable.

Christy Jay owns Atown Bikes in Auburn with her husband; her son called and asked them for help.

“My son is a Roseville firefighter,” said Jay. “He called to see if we could help out.”

Jay said that her son offered to pay for the bike repairs and helmet but Jay and her husband donated their time and materials.

“My son said he was the nicest kid so we wanted to help,” said Jay.

The bike tire was bent in half and had to be replaced, and Jay threw in a helmet and safety lights.

“It was awesome,” said Jay, choking back tears. “That is what it is all about. It started with my son’s big heart. It means a lot that we were able to help.”

The Roseville Fire Department was happy to help and make a difference in someone’s day.

“It was just such a cool thing that they did,” Roseville FD Public Information Officer Jamie Garrett said.

Atown Bikes is located at 943 Lincoln Way in Auburn, and they offer a full bike services.