$7 per month brings security

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As a 19-year veteran and director of the Placer Hills Fire District, I feel that Measure E is the right thing for our community. Many years of dedication and excellent direction by past and present administrations have enabled the district to provide first-rate fire protection, advanced medical care and low insurance premiums. It is through Measure E that we hope to maintain this outstanding level of service. Unfortunately, recent declines in property values, lack of construction and increasing fuel prices have impacted our budget significantly. The alternative to Measure E is to decrease staff or close stations. This would not only impact response times to critical incidents but also increase our insurance rates, costing homeowners an additional 30 to 50 percent in insurance premiums. Although this measure is not intended to increase salaries, I feel it is important to note that district part-time firefighters earn $10 per hour. For less than $7 per month, our community can continue to reap the benefits of strong leadership from years past and feel secure that they and their loved ones will continue to receive the best in class medical care and fire protection. I choose to support my fire department and vote yes on Measure E. Kelly Fulfer, Applegate