Another View: Meddler spinoffs and a hail to the chiefs

By: Robin & The Time Traveler
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Portuguese Pirate
I’m baaak! Much to the annoyance of the Time Traveler who has to resume his role as second banana on our weekly Newcastle Television Show airing at 10 a.m. every Saturday morning on AM950 KAHI radio. Yes, I know it’s radio but that balmy old Finn thinks he’s on television. He’s even tried to hire a make-up artist to prepare him for the show. But the best he could do was Nate Zizzbaum from Zizzbaum’s Funeral Chapel. Nate took one look at the Traveler and suggested a closed casket. While I’ve been gone he has been doing the radio show and he thinks he’s a big time radio personality. However, the fact is the old goat still can’t remember where the ON-AIR button is. If it weren’t for Casey Freelove pushing the buttons, Mark Evens editing out his colorful metaphors, Mary Jane Popp pumping up his ego by telling him he’s ‘not as dumb as he looks’ and his co-host John Mattis poking him in the ribs when he nods off, the Traveler couldn’t have pulled it off. In my absence I have been reading our column online penned mostly by the Traveler, describing my cross country sightseeing trip that nearly turned into a one act tragedy when wife Janice tumbled off a cliff at Turner Falls, Oklahoma. P.S., she is recovering well. I would like to remind our readers the Time Traveler is the most honest man you ever want to meet — when he’s not lying to you. Yes it’s true that while waiting for Janice to get out of the hospital I ran for Mayor of Winny Wood, Oklahoma. Hey, I had to do something! How long can a guy sit around a hospital room where the highlight of the day is the nurse bringing in a pill cup and waking the patient up to see if they are sleeping well. Geeeze. But then the Traveler goes off on some tangent about how I lost the election when people started asking where I was when Janice fell off the cliff. What a crock. Plus anyway, the Oklahoma State Police dropped the investigation when they noticed the phone call informant was some guy trying to sound like a parrot.
Time Traveler
Quit your whining because people who don’t regularly read this column don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. Let’s take this back to Auburn. For a number of years folks driving down Lincoln Way in the morning have notice a gathering of locals standing around a trash can in the parking lot adjacent to Rico’s Barber Shop and the Depoe Bay Coffee Company shop. They meet there every morning a little after 8 a.m. weekdays rain or shine. The assemblage consists mostly of old goats I refer to as the ustawasses with a few younger wannabes mixed in. We also have several chicks, age unclear. A quick note to any millennial reading this, I’m old. If I want to call a lady a chick there’s nothing you can do about it. Neener, Neener. Our little group represents both sides of political opinion. On one end is our senior member Bud Pisaric — who claims he once broke up with Methuselah’s mother when he discovered she was underage — to Jerry Kopp on the other. I personally think they are both nuts. This group is known as the Babblers, a spin-off of the Meddlers meeting conducted at 7 a.m. every Tuesday morning in the Rose Room at city hall. As an attendee of both meetings I find the Babblers to be far more informative and satisfying, however we are not taken seriously. The problem in our view is the name: the Babblers. So Vance Sauter of Golden Triangle Publications has taken a bold move to add a subgroup hereinafter to be known as the Auburn Think Tank. Take note Auburn. We are not to be taken lightly. I would urge the news gatherers of the Auburn Journal, AM950 KAHI and the members of the city council to drop by and benefit from our counsel. Not since 18th century Philadelphia has this much brainpower been collected in one place.
Portuguese Pirate
Well Newcastle citizens, the day has come that we all knew would arrive, and it has. Fire Chief Ian Gow has retired. It’s a sad time, sad to see the Chief go, and a happy time knowing the Chief can now spend more time with his family and things he wants to do. We were honored to be able to attend his retirement party at The Ridge Golf Club in Auburn. It was a pleasure to hear the stories about the Chief from his family and friends, some of those stories should have only been told behind closed doors! The Chief’s party was a Placer County list of who’s who. On June 27 at the Board of Supervisors meeting, Chief Gow was awarded a commendation plaque recognizing his years of service to Placer County citizens. Thank you Chief Ian Gow for all that you accomplished in Newcastle in such a short amount of time. You’ll be missed. So a new chapter begins with a new Chief. We are pleased to welcome Chief Kirk Kushen from Kern County. Chief Kushen brings over 30 years of experience in the fire profession. Welcome to Newcastle Chief Kushen.