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Supervisors need to reflect needs of the community

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As reported in the Auburn Journal, “The Placer County Board of Supervisors … unanimously approved a resolution that will put a measure on a special election ballot for an increase in parcel tax rates for the area (Foresthill) … an assessment of $240.37.”  Supervisor Jennifer Montgomery states, “This special election continues our commitment to empower local communities to better serve their residents.” (Journal, July 19)

Supervisor Montgomery left out the part that the majority of the Board of Supervisors refused to approve county funds to keep Foresthill’s fire station open. It closed last year, jeopardizing the safety of our community.  Montgomery is hardly “committed … to better serve … (her) residents.”

And how can one forget Governor Jerry Brown removing all funds in the budget category designed to fight forest fires, and then taxed all residents living in the foothills $115 to fight forest fires!

Denying county funds to keep the Foresthill fire station open is not the only bad decision the Placer County Supervisors made recently in keeping our community safe. For months, residents of Placer have asked the Board of Supervisors to pass a proposal (joining other cities and counties) in opposing the Sanctuary State law which conflicts with federal law.  This law hinders our local authorities from working with I.C.E. Supervisor Kirk Uhler gave an excellent presentation on how and why this state law is invalid. Unfortunately the remaining four supervisors refused to support Supervisor Uhler.

As residents of Placer County, we need to elect supervisors who better reflect the needs and safety of our community. Although the supervisors’ position is non-partisan, so I am told, it is quite evident that party affiliation does matter. Montgomery and Holmes, non-Republicans, are not making decisions that reflect our community. Time to replace them!

Dianne Foster, Foresthill