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By: Susan Rushton
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Briefly: I’m channeling John Downs with a Time Traveler-like rant, but then I’ll get back to normal. So bear with me.

Don’t get me wrong. I love Caltrans. They pave the roads, light the signs, maintain the street lamps, build bridges, maintain the bridges, tell me what route I’m on. I love them — they make driving easy for me. But sometimes they’re ridiculous. Like right now. I’ll just mention this once.

I suppose you’ve seen those newish orange signs at the exit and entrance ramps on I-80 through town and up to Meadow Vista. You know, those tired all-caps things sitting on the ground, informing you that the ramps will be closed nightly from June through October for striping. Uh huh. Well, it’s now September, and I ain’t seen nobody doing no striping. Neither have you.

Plus how could it possibly take five months to stripe one exit ramp? Please.

This is what’s known as the best plan ever devised to convince people to ignore signs.

Before you admonish me, I know what they mean. But what they mean is not what they’re saying. It is possible — and easy — to get it right. It’s also possible — and easy — to avoid enraging me.

You can check out this project at You can also call the project manager and leave a message. I’ve left two. I was very civilized. More civilized than the Time Traveler, anyway.

I now return you to your regularly scheduled column.

… I look forward to seeing you next Thursday, 5-9 p.m. at the Old Town Co-Op. It’s bound to be cooler than August’s, and I can hardly wait. Look for me — as usual, I’ll be in front of my black Silver Screen banner. I don’t know where Mora Rowe will put me. But look for me anyway. And come hungry and thirsty!

… And I’ve bought my ticket to the Gold Country Fair on Saturday. If you do rides or show animals or attend the concerts or display your art or pies, it’s been in your face for a while. But I don’t do those things.
So it took a gentle push from local author Wendy Coles-Littlepage, a member of Gold Country Writers, to remind me to get myself over there. The group has its booth in the Auburn Host Lions’ building (where the museum used to be). Investigate Gold Country Writers:

… Rosie Stilwell says I can tell you this: Friends of the Auburn Library is looking for someone who loves the library to serve as chairperson for the silent auction for the annual Library Dinner, coming up next January, be still my heart. Contact the FOL President, Jacquie Flecklin:

… Don and I saw comedian Will Durst at the State Theatre a couple of weeks ago. He’s my age, and I was impressed specifically because, without notes, he remembered to thank Mary Jane Popp who introduced him, and Roy Elsbernd and Debra Oldjiewski, who worked in the sound/lighting booth. No, he didn’t include their last names, but gee — he has to remember so much stuff and he still remembered to thank specific people.

We saw Karen and Kurt Bleuel that night, as well as Lake of the Pines denizen Janet McMartin, and Meadow Vista denizens Dean Prigmore, Patrice Taylor and George Lay. I sat next to Cameron Park denizens John Newey and Terri Daly, who were having a good time. “This is a great theater,” John said. “We don’t get up here as often as we’d like.”

At intermission, Don checked the back of his seat — C14 — because he wanted to find the chair we donated … and serendipitously, it was ours.

And, equally as delightful, it turns out that he sat behind the chair the late Ben Harwell donated. By the way, if you’re Facebook friends with his lovely widow Gini, you know she’s moving to San Antonio in October. I miss seeing Ben, and I will miss seeing Gini.

… The Arts Council of Placer County announces that individuals and organizations may start applying for 2019 Community Arts Grants on Sept. 7. Learn more:

… Be the Change Youth Summit, encouraging youth to vote and participate, is coming to the General Gomez Arts and Events Center, 808 Lincoln Way, 10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 15. Students in ninth  to 12th grade are encouraged to register for this free event: Log on to and click on “Be the Change” if you want to attend.

… The ACTV General Manager Phil Jacques informs me that last Monday, the City Council unanimously approved a generic portrait of a Sugar Plump Fairy by Frank Ordaz to grace the wall bordering the new little park next to the Chamber of Commerce. “And a pergola with color umbrellas,” Phil emailed me.

He added that he himself urged the council to vote for it: “Auburn celebrates our citizens and the value of being a city of joy and happiness … Are you going to vote against joy?”
It’s not a done deal, not yet, but I was charmed by Phil’s news. 

That’s my town. Got any items for me? Email me at