9-year-old girl hopes to save local animals

By: Bridget Jones, Journal Staff Writer
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A young Auburn resident decided donations were more important than presents this month. Danielle Colburn turned 9 this month. Danielle approached her parents earlier in the fall and requested that instead of buying her presents, her friends and family give donations to a local animal rescue group. “Her father and I are very proud of her,” said Kelly Colburn, Danielle’s mother. “She has a deep love for nature and animals. It just seemed like her, but we were surprised. After all, she was only 8, and to give up birthday presents was pretty surprising. We looked at different rescue groups and we let her choose.” Danielle said once she found out the Auburn Area Animal Rescue Foundation doesn’t put its rescued animals to sleep, she knew it was the place for her. “I think it’s a good organization because they take animals from the pound that are going to be put down,” Danielle said. “I really like animals, and it was a way to give to animals without taking them all home from the pound. Kelly Colburn said her friends, coworkers and relatives were very generous in giving the donations, and it filled their truck up a couple of times. Cassie Reeves, co-founder of AAARF, said the organization was overjoyed by Danielle’s gift. “AAARF is grateful to Danielle for her generosity, and we are happy to count her and her mother, Kelly, among our newest volunteers,” Reeves said. “Upon hearing of our special “SICK” fund (Severely Injured Cats and Kittens), Danielle reached into her purse and added her own allowance to this special fund.” Danielle said she was amazed by the amount of donations her friends and loved ones made to AAARF. “I was very happy, and I knew the animals were happy about it,” she said. Reach Bridget Jones at