Reader Input: Who or how do I thank donors?

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For the past 9-plus months I have been going through chemotherapy for a cancer problem. During that time, I have received at least 30 units of blood or platelets. As far as I can see that is what has kept me alive.

I am just one person in Auburn who has had the benefit of those donations. Can you imagine how many more people in Auburn, California, the U.S., the world, have needed this precious donation? It must be staggering.

Having worked in health care most of my life — although not in the medical field, I used to donate for years when I was younger and working. I obviously had no idea that when I was older I would need blood to save my life. Unless you or someone you know has had a medical problem, or accident — most people would not even realize the importance of a donation. I only hope that some people who read this are given to donating blood or platelets to help others. It has to be donated from a willing donor — can't be artificially made. And the most important thing is that it is only useful for a period of time. If the date is too old it has to be discarded.

So who or how do I thank those donors? It is impossible. But hopefully for those who read this

and donate, please know that l am eternally appreciative and grateful for the donation and the time — you have given to help me and all the other recipients. Thank you for helping me to have extra days, months and hopefully years added to my life and so many others.

lf you are a donor — please, please continue — if you are thinking about donating, please do not hesitate.

J. Klebofski, Auburn