Abortion a very serious matter

Reader Input
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Many people spend their whole lives trying to get pregnant, and other people spend their whole lives worrying about it. I understand most people’s reasons for supporting abortion, but I do not agree with it. I understand that some are not ready for a baby, but there are others who would kill to be able to have a child. There are many choices you could make, instead of taking a life, such as adoption. Many people believe that abortion is OK because the “baby” hasn’t started to develop yet, but honestly, you are taking something out of this world before it even gets to see its beauty. Many women suffer from diseases that prevent them from getting pregnant or carrying a child. The women in my family suffer from miscarriages, and I know that I am lucky to be alive. So, I know that one day I will be lucky to have a child of my own. Abortion is a serious matter, and I don’t think that anybody should think of it unless you absolutely have to. Weigh your options and think about what you are doing because you are taking a life and may later want it back, and it is something that can never be changed. This should not be made illegal. I just think it should be thought over ahead of time. ARYANA GORE, 13, student, Auburn