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Reader Input
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I was very interested in two letters by Fred Waters (Sept. 27) and Mike Nicky (Oct. 15) who wrote about Carly Fiorina. The fact that they actually worked for her makes it far more believable as they found and revealed her real character. They were so similar. I noted that her slogans were supposedly clever, but turned out insipid. I remember when Hewlett Packard in Roseville and elsewhere was quickly downsized. She was fired but not without taking out (if the TV ad was correct) $100 million of what I call “cry money.” None of that money was shared by the little guys who worked harder than she did before they lost their jobs. So she bought a $1 million yacht, and why does she need five jets? This shows me that she has absolutely no empathy for the poor or even the struggling middle class. If she failed to save HP from going down, how could she save California? I don’t support Barbara Boxer either, but at least she has some political experience, maybe largely bad, but Fiorina has none at all in that department. Qualified? No. GUY WINGFIELD, Applegate