Accident sends 9-year-old to hospital

By: Bridget Jones, Journal Staff Writer
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A 9-year-old Auburn boy is in the hospital after being hit by a car Tuesday afternoon. At about 4 p.m. the Auburn Police Department and Auburn Fire Department were called to the Central Square area for an accident involving a bicycle and a car. According to Officer Chris Forman of the Auburn Police Department, the boy was riding his bicycle through the Lincoln Way crosswalk perpendicular to the Wells Fargo Bank parking lot when a female driver hit him with her minivan. Forman said the boy traveled 65 feet on the hood of the vehicle until it came to a stop. The driver and her husband declined to give their names to the Journal. The 9-year-old was transferred to the Sutter Roseville Medical Center, according to Forman. Alta resident Kellie Ellison said she was the first one to get to the boy after the accident. “We were right here in this parking lot and my daughter witnessed the whole thing,” Ellison said. “He was coherent and conscious the whole time, although he told me he didn’t remember what happened. We were trying to keep him still until help arrived.” Ellison said another man on the scene called 911, and the boy was able to give them his phone number, so they called his parents. Ellison said she didn’t see any noticeable injuries to the boy. “He wasn’t bleeding, and we asked him if he hurt anywhere, and all he would say is, ‘I feel weird,’” she said. “I think he was in shock.” The boy’s eyes were open and he appeared aware when the Journal arrived at the scene. The woman driving the van said she didn’t see the boy because of the large number of cars in her lane as she was driving onto Lincoln Way. “He was suddenly in front of me,” the driver said. She said her husband yelled, “Stop, stop, stop” after the collision took place. Forman said his preliminary evidence doesn’t show the driver was speeding. “Considering the distance she traveled prior to the crosswalk, I haven’t located any preliminary findings that she was over the speed limit. I’m still preliminary in my investigation, but according to witness statements, (the boy) may have failed to yield to through traffic. That’s a potential primary collision factor.” Forman said pedestrians and drivers should always watch carefully for each other, and that pedestrians have the right of way in crosswalks unless they create dangerous situations for drivers. The boy’s injuries could have been much worse, Forman said. “My belief is he avoided significant injuries because he was wearing a helmet and safety gear,” he said. “It appears from the impact the rider’s helmet was actually cracked.” Forman said his goal is to reduce the number of injury collisions by teaching the community how to interact safely on the roads. Reach Bridget Jones at