Act local, show support for Measure A

Reader Input
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Quite some time ago I became suspicious of public officials and special interest groups using words that make me feel good, and lately I have been hearing about the citizens of Auburn banding together to fight against the proposed city charter. Their motto is “preserve Auburn.” Inasmuch as I have lived in Auburn and the surrounding area since Folsom Lake was still a river, I’m all in favor of preserving things – makes me feel good. Most of those so-called Auburnites bravely fighting off corruption and outside interests ain’t from here. I followed the money trail. The fight against the city charter is funded, not by Auburnites, but by Sacramento lobbyists. So why do they care? Because it allows the citizens of Auburn a little more freedom to govern themselves and the big money bullies from Sacramento don’t like that. Part of the charm of Auburn is the vast number of projects that are accomplished by volunteers. The preserve Auburn Trojan horse would eliminate volunteerism in Auburn and destroy much of what makes Auburn a special place. I’m always whining about people sitting on their hands and doing nothing. Well, here’s our chance. Educate yourself on the facts and support Measure A city charter. JOHN DOWNS, Newcastle