ADA attorney belongs in flats

Reader Input
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As a senior recovering from broken hip surgery and then replacement surgery, I must be extremely careful where I walk. The allegations against Machado Orchards by the ADA attorney are inane and ridiculous (Journal, Oct. 30)! I was there several months ago while still using a walker and not driving myself yet. I had no problems in parking or shopping areas. I’ve been in a few times since, using a cane and parking myself in handicap parking – no problems! I didn’t notice any slope or “worn out” parking. We do live in the foot “hills,” not the valley so everything is not perfectly flat and cemented over, thank God! I saw no dangers and am very aware of where I step. That attorney should leave our small businesses alone unless something is really dangerous. We need to keep our orchards, farms and ranches intact and save our green land. Shoppers in these places realize Machado’s has had wonderful fresh fruit, veggies and pies for many years. I hope that attorney gets out of the hills! Dixie Ann Bruns, Meadow Vista