Administrative waste is staggering

Reader Input
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Regarding the front-page article by Bridget Jones addressing (education) administrators’ pay, (Journal, Sept. 28): it is wonderful to witness someone addressing the larger picture. The general public has been focused on local school districts, primarily because they are more accessible and it is easier to point fingers. After all, we all know where our children receive their education, ergo — the citizens focus on the schools or district office to press them regarding the educational fiscal mess. The county office administrative salaries are only the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Check out county office budgets, check in-depth and research the pressure individual schools and school districts face; then check with that same gusto the county offices. The waste is staggering and the accountability is quite weak. The state would save billions by closing a minimum of 35 county offices and moving to a “regional” format with only 15 offices — with as clear a monitoring system as school districts face. Unfortunately, it is a constitutional mandate which would require major upheaval by voters to overturn that dinosaur of a requirement. For an even larger travesty, check out the State Department of Education budget. Oh, and leave no doubt — for those of you educators who pay those union dues, check out the salaries of your union reps. They make your district and county administrators look skimpy. Citizens, if you think the tea party should just function at the federal level … think again. Bridget, thank you for your article. Hopefully you will follow it up with some details. Craig Jacobson, Auburn