Adopt thrifty ways and reap benefits

Reader Input
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Here are a few ways to cut costs for businesses and homes. Why do restaurants always place a glass of water on the table? Save water and costs – wait until the customer asks. I bet 75 percent of the time a customer won’t ask – because they are drinking a soft drink, coffee, tea, etc. Have you accumulated extra vases/baskets? Bring them to your local florists. They can be reused, and can save the florist money. And the florist will appreciate your effort. Empty egg cartons? Salvation Army needs them to distribute eggs, as they buy in bulk. Make sure your sprinklers are turned off before the rainy season starts. Turn water heater to warm. Unless you have many people in the house there is always plenty of hot water. Turn washer to cold water. It washes and cleans just as well as hot water. If your company does payroll – try and call a payroll company who does all of that for you and the cost is almost always less. This could be a big savings. It’s the end of year – clear out your closets, cabinets, etc. Bring items to Hospital Thrift Shop, Assistance League, Discovery Shop – they need good items and you can use the deductions. We all need to think of ideas during these difficult economic tunes. JEANNETTE KLEBOFSKI, Auburn