Ainsleigh should resign from ARD

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Enough is enough. (Gordon) Ainsleigh is not helping the Auburn community with his outrageous behavior. He is self centered, and is not a team player for the Auburn Recreation District. He “belittles people who disagree with him”. Gordy should resign from ARD. Examples of his bad behavior: 1) He has his “favorites” on the board and works for the election of people that he likes, but only when they agree with his proposals. Those who disagree are subject to attack in the public. 2) He hid the background of the racist William Shockley from his fellow board members, when the trust wanted to give the property to ARD. 3)He promotes many projects for ARD that only those very healthy people can participate in and then belittles fellow board members who are against such projects. 4)The new, expensive tennis courts at Regional Park are under-utilized. Do we really need another ball field at Regional Park? A soccer field that is used a couple times a week? 5)I have personally experienced the “belittling” at ARD Board meetings by Ainsleigh. 6)The “Bad Boys of Auburn Calendar” is another example of Ainsleigh’s highly inflated ego. What an awful way to make money for ARD with pictures of some aging men in skimpy clothing. 7)Lastly, the “Party in the Park” featuring an acquitted but bragging killer (self defense) is not a good example for our youth. This performer was contracted before the acquittal. OK, we can’t blame Gordy for all of these problems, but he is the most visible and outspoken member. We need a new image for ARD and to move toward a cooperative, business atmosphere at the meetings and among the members. This is an embarrassment to the community. Is the ARD board becoming dysfunctional AGAIN? In these times of tight budgets, can Auburn afford a bickering park district board? Karen Tajbl, Auburn