Amend ADA so these scams will stop

Reader Input
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Lindalou Haines missed the point regarding Assemblywoman (Beth) Gaines’ legislation of amending the ADA compliance law. Her sympathy should be with the small Auburn business owners who were victims of one man using the Americans with Disabilities Act as cover. This story was covered a few weeks ago in the Auburn Journal (Feb. 26). I happen to know one of these business owners because I make regular purchases from his store. It is my understanding that this man made it very clear, “for a fee I will go away, or I will sue.” Isn’t that what the Mafia did decades ago, only their slogan was “pay for protection or we’ll destroy your store?” It wasn’t legal then, so what’s so different now? This man is not the first to pull this scam on business owners. I recall a couple decades ago that a series of restaurants in the Monterey/Carmel area were subjected to the same scam — Clint Eastwood being one of the targets. We all have compassion for the disabled. And Americans have paid a hefty price to accommodate the disabled such as special voting machines that no one ever uses. What does the disabled person usually do if they can’t reach the top shelf in a grocery store? Threaten the store to lower all shelves, or ask for help? I think it is time that the ADA be amended so that businesses are protected from these (cases). There is something seriously wrong with our laws when businesses are financially vulnerable to these scam artists taking advantage. Dianne Foster, Foresthill