Amendment now irrelevant

Reader Input
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Sacred cows once considered sacrosanct are getting fat on ignorance. What did the Founding Fathers mean when they penned the Second Amendment? American colonists had flintlocks, not AK47s and Glocks. John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison didn’t have 33-round clips. They had gunpowder, lead, gunflints, bullet molds, powder horns and a bag of bullets. They sure couldn’t shoot 20 people in a split-second. Colonists had guns mainly to protect themselves from British abuses of power. Do we fear the English today? Times and society have changed. Firearms were in safe and sane hands then. Not so today. Firearms were to be used by individuals for the defense of the country. Today the U.S. military protects us. The gun lobby and NRA are mixing apples and oranges, the past and present, in efforts to justify their gun paranoia and gun ownership. The Second Amendment of 225 years ago is totally irrelevant for today’s world. Ron Lowe, Nevada City