Another name for Shockley gift

Reader Input
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I am getting fed up with the fuss being made over the acceptance and naming of the 28-acre parcel of land given to the Auburn community by the Shockleys and with the reservation that it be given a 12-word name honoring the Shockleys. I can’t see anyone calling the park by this 12-word name when referring to it. The primary reason for the objection to this proposal is the belief that Shockley was a racialist. I in no way believe in or support racialism. I personally believe no one is all good and no one is all bad. I have lived in Auburn for 60 years and I can’t recall of anyone ever even mentioning he was a racialist or the ill effects his belief had on our society. Let us assume that Mr. William Shockley came to see the error of his ways or beliefs and his offer was made as an apology to all. Perhaps the decision for the gift was a little prompted by his egotism over having been awarded the prestigious award of the Nobel Prize for physics and his desire for community recognition of the award – (human nature?) I have never heard anyone point out the good his work in physics has done for mankind. Why not call the park land the “Shockley Apology Park?” That would bring out the error of racialist belief every time anyone used the name. Also for an unknown length of time an unknown number of people, especially youth, would benefit from the gift. And what are we going to do about all of our prestigious ancestors who also believed in and even practiced racialism? Yes, even past presidents who had slaves? Are we going to strike their names from history? I commend the Auburn Recreation District Board’s decision to do what is best for the people of this community and for accepting this gift. RON BROWN, Auburn