Another View: How do you get in the newspaper?

By: Jenifer Gee, Editor
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In the spirit of reaching out, I joined two colleagues at the Colfax High School career fair this week. Colfax Record Editor Martha Garcia, Journal Photo Editor Ben Furtado and I attended the event hosted at the school to let students know a little more about journalism and how they can get involved with our publication. Why did I go up to Colfax? True, the heart of our audience is in Auburn. But we do have subscribers in Colfax and we cover their sports teams in our pages so I felt it was relevant to meet some of the high school students we feature and those we do not. I met several students, including some who participate in the high school’s publication Pulse. They asked what kind of education is needed and how to get started at a newspaper. I’ll share with other youth and readers the same information I shared with them. The Journal wants to include local names and faces on a daily basis in our pages. Students who want to see their work – whether it be photos, stories or videos – in our pages are welcome to reach out and submit it. That goes for other members of our community, as well. Here are some tips for the best way to get your content in the newspaper and view it quickly. Photos • We’re not crazy about group shots. However, if you’ve got one, make sure all of the faces are clearly visible. List everyone in the photo from left to right, first and last names. • With all photos, send in at least a few sentences explaining what people are doing in the photo, when and where it was taken and why it was important. • Clear, crisp photos always stand out. If it’s a blurry image on the screen, it’s going to print unfocused, as well. We tend to steer clear of those photos. • Close-up photos of people doing real things are usually the most interesting Stories or press releases • Keep submitted stories brief – about 200 words or fewer. • Include the basics: who, what, where, when, contact information • Think of the first thing you would tell your friends about the event and put that up top Videos • Submit short videos – about 1 to 2 minutes. • Keep the focus on one or two subjects and try to have a steady hand • Local content is what we’re looking for so if you’ve got a video of the fan section during a sports game, send it in. If your pet has a neat trick, record it and e-mail it to us. I look forward to receiving submissions from those who are already on the ball and hopefully some new ones in the coming weeks. -------------------- What professions are high school students interested in? I asked six Colfax High students what careers they were researching at the school’s career fair this week. Check out their answers on page A6. What are your neighbors up to this Halloween? • Some of our readers submitted photos of their Halloween themed homes. See them in Monday’s Journal. -------------------- We like submissions! Send your news-related stories, videos and photos to ajournal@goldcountry Anything with a features or entertainment slant, send it to krissik@goldcountry