Another View: Videos start to pop up online

By: Jenifer Gee, editor
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We’ve had an exciting week at the Journal. Yes, we had some demonstrators Downtown voicing their thoughts about the state of our country. And yes, there was a huge cross-town rivalry slated to spice up the local Friday night football scene. But those stories were not the only sources of excitement. The feeling also comes from our newsroom’s efforts to start telling local stories in a different format. If you’ve checked out our website this week, you’ll find five new videos we posted. Four were created in-house, one we uploaded that was relevant to Friday’s Media Life column by Gus Thomson. I’m incredibly proud and encouraged by the first steps editorial staff has taken into the world of video reporting. Gus Thomson led the charge with a quick clip of veteran Doris Dennis leading the Pledge of Allegiance during Auburn’s Veterans Day celebration. He then took to narrating part of a tour of the Foresthill Bridge this week. The tour included a group of Russian engineers visiting California. Features Editor Krissi Khokhobashvili sat two die-hard Twilight fans down in our High Street Studio to ask them why they love the internationally popular franchise so much. She then took the time to teach our staff some quick editing tips. Right after that lesson, reporter Sara Seyydin grabbed our new Flip video camera and recorded Occupy Auburn protestors chanting in Downtown. She came back to the office and was using the editing tricks Krissi had explained just a few hours earlier. The video turned out great. I think we’ve got a great start on our way to providing our online readers with a variety of coverage. We’ll be working on improving and perfecting our process and quality each time. Feel free to send in your feedback or even your own videos. Photo contest, technology how-to introduced And just because I’m excited about our progress online doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten about maintaining the quality of our print product. We’ve added some more graphics to our image library to enhance and draw your eye to our break out boxes. Photo Editor Ben Furtado has also launched a reader photo contest called “Your Best Shot.” We’ve had several users upload favorite pictures they’ve taken to our website. Ben then picks his top three favorite for the week and we showcase them in Wednesday’s newspaper. If you missed last week’s, be sure to see your or your neighbor’s photos in print this Wednesday. Also, Andrew DiLuccia, our Real Estate and Motoring editor, has launched a monthly column, The Technovore. In it, he’ll look at various new technologies and how locals use them in their daily life. He’ll also give readers updates on the latest gadgets and how they might be useful. If you missed his last column, you can find it online. His next one is slated for Dec. 11. You can also catch updates in between columns on his Twitter feed at thetechnovore. New (old) reporter Lastly, I’d like to announce that sports reporter Sara Seyydin is our new news reporter. Sara has been working for the Journal for the past year covering sports and health assignments. She has proven herself to be a talented, enthusiastic reporter. She will now transition into covering school, city and crime as well as other types of stories. Sara is excited to take this step forward in expanding her reporting skills and knowledge. We appreciate your continued input and look forward to hearing from you. Reach Jenifer Gee at ------------------------ In case you missed them… Journal editorial staff produced some news videos this week. Check them out on these stories online: “Women who served get their due at Auburn’s Veterans Day parade” “Spanning the globe: Foresthill Bridge gets international attention” “Twi-hards prep for final countdown” “Protestors occupy Auburn” “Media Life: Auburn’s Epic WS100 is start of new movie” (submitted video)