Anti-gun crowd deceives public

Reader Input
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Criminal defense attorney Paul Comiskey would have us believe that there was a citizen with a gun in the crowd at the massacre of Congresswoman Gabriella Giffords and her constituents, and that the armed citizen was unable to stop Jared Loughner from shooting 33 times, killing six people and wounding another 13 (“Guns cause more trouble than end it,” Reader Input, April 18).
The truth, which Comiskey never tells us, is that there were also several armed policemen at the Gabriella Giffords massacre, who, just like the armed citizen, were also unable to stop the massacre. Why? Because, like the armed citizen, they all arrived too late! They arrived after the shooting was over.
Google Joe Zamudio. He’s the citizen with a legal gun in his pocket who was shopping at a nearby Walgreens, ran to the site of the massacre and just got there too late, after the shooting was over.
However, given the speed of his response, we can expect that if Zamudio had been in the Giffords crowd, Jared Loughner would have only gotten off five shots before being himself shot, and would have only wounded three and killed none or one.
The reason that Loughner was able to shoot 33 times, kill six and wound 13 is that Giffords’ entire crowd believed like Comiskey that you’re safer if you don’t carry a gun for defense against criminals.
The list of massacres of unarmed people is getting longer and longer. It’s a high price to pay for believing the deceptions of the anti-gun crowd.
Gordon Ainsleigh, Meadow Vista