ARD: The devil’s in the details

Reader Input
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The hot-shot contractor that “Oracle/Legend” Gordy Ainsleigh found, estimating ARD’s locker-room project to be only $200,000, suddenly disappeared when asked to participate in the state-required bidding process. His excuse? Too many rules and requirements. The architect offering to donate his time in fact limited that time to 10 hours and recommended breaking the job into little pieces so as to skirt and/or ignore requirements that increase costs. The Meadow Vista Pool fix? Gordy suggested spraying locally purchased home insulation into the cracks and refilling. Railroad rights-of-way? No problem — ARD can take responsibility for private individuals’ recreational activities there without oversight, control, or supervision. Those of us who know Gordy are well aware of his heart of gold, passion for the outdoors, compassion for animals, and all-around love of his fellow man. That said, however, ARD enjoys success not because of Gordon Ainsleigh, but in spite of him. Kahl Muscott’s excellent administration, along with board members who have isolated Gordy’s divisive/derisive comments and detrimental actions, have instead moved on with well-thought-out prudent actions and turned the district’s reputation around. They are the true strength behind ARD. Please cast your important vote for Monique Margaux, Jim Ferris and Jim Gray. Kathleen Harris, Auburn