ARD rental fee increase justified

Reader Input
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Re: “ARD rent fees increase; board looks at new benefits plan,” (Journal, Nov. 30). It was smart to raise the fee for use of the ARD facilities. I think the ARD facilities are very well-kept and I enjoy swimming and relaxing there on occasions. Some people don’t understand that raising fees is necessary for keeping recreational facilities clean and running. I have a pool at my house and know how dirty and algae-infested pools can get without being filtered, vacuumed and having chlorine and other chemicals added frequently. The ARD pool is very large and must take great quantities of chemicals and supplies to keep the pool safe for public use. Also, the lawn needs to be maintained which requires gasoline, fertilizer, weed killers, etc. There are many things to pay for including employees to run and maintain these great community resources. There must be a way to pay for the supplies and labor. As prices go up on the various materials needed, prices for use of the facilities must rise to keep the entertainment going. If the ARD rent fees didn’t rise, their attractions could eventually lose quality. DEREK JANSZ, student, Auburn