Are we better off after all?

Reader Input
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Who knows how the election will go — who will win the white house? My feeling is that the current guy will get elected and it will be too late to ask ourselves are we better off. So the question is how would we be better off if someone else was to win the White House? It may be a rhetorical question no matter who wins. How do we know what is true and not true when campaigning is about character assassination — and promises like that of a alcoholic who says he won’t drink again — and does. Promises he or she can’t ever keep because we still have some checks and balances still left or won’t keep because they are to busy planning their reelection — getting rich from legislation they just passed. And a press that is supposed to yield the truth so we can be informed; but acts more like a co-conspirators. For me it won’t matter who wins the White House, I will still be an American. Stephen Lentz, Auburn