Are you simply above it all?

Reader Input
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After years of talking with my friend, a non-driver who walks in the Auburn area, we have come to the conclusion that many drivers also suffer from the illusion of being entitled and above the law about traffic signs and controls. As a driver, I have encountered many safe and sane drivers and riders on local roads. I have also been terrified by those others who consider themselves more important, entitled and above the law. Why is it a surprise when these same people buy a bicycle and behave the same way? Maybe we need a new test for all drivers/riders. • Is your life more important than someone else’s? • Are you willing to be crippled for life or die just because someone else feels entitled? “Stop,” but not you. “Yield,” but not you. “25 mph,” but not you. “Right turn after stop,” but not you. “Slow for construction/school zone,” but not you. Mary Jo Smith, Auburn