Arguments flimsy for Bohemia project

Reader Input
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Regarding the Bohemia Wal-Mart project, I feel the landowner is thumbing his nose at all the surrounding neighborhoods. In his recent full page ad pushing his project (Journal, April 4), he says, “You should take personal responsibility for where you live.” I am taking personal responsibility for where I live and as such I am making a stand against this project. I’m sorry if having a voice in this sounds like “mob mentality” to the landowner. I think he sounds like a bully. He states that the property has been zoned for this type of project for 26 years and so it should be allowed. This is a flimsy argument. I have lived in Auburn for 29 years. Auburn has changed a lot during this time, including an increase in homes, cars and people. What may have been OK 25 years ago should not reflect on what should be OK right now. Lest Auburn forget its biggest project ever anticipated: 50 years ago the Auburn dam was properly zoned and set to be built. I’m sure the state and federal governments thought it was a good fit at the time. However, over time and for numerous reasons the Auburn dam simply no longer made sense. The same can be said about this project. Auburn is a different place now than it was 25 years ago. I would hope our planning commission would see that. Adding anything of this caliber to this stretch of Highway 49 is simply not a good idea. My children are third-generation Auburnites. I would love for the next few generations to want to make Auburn their home, too. Nancie Goodnough, Auburn