Arizona law a step forward

Reader Input
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I am in total agreement with Betty Cruz in regards that California should back Arizona’s new immigrant law (Reader Input, May 14). It was just reported that more than 5,600 illegals pass over the border into Arizona per month. They are being overrun with illegals crossing the Mexican border, bringing with them drugs and lots of major crimes, overloading our law enforcement. It’s about time someone does something to stop this raid on our country. Arizona is doing the right thing and California and other states should back them and make the same laws. The federal government has done nothing to correct this problem; therefore the states are forced to take action. The states should stop employers from hiring them by closing down their businesses and fining them if they are hiring these illegals. They are taking jobs from our citizens. Latest reports show that 70 percent of the citizens in the U.S.A. support the Arizona law. These illegals are overcrowding our schools and costing the taxpayers lots of money. Many go on welfare and are covered by us on their medical bills. Many of them have joined gangs and have committed many crimes and are overloading our law enforcement. It’s long overdue that America should begin acting instead of only talking. Thank you, Arizona. FRANK WILSON, Auburn